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Speakers & Papers

A full book of abstracts in electronic format is included in the conference material. Below you will find a list of speakers and the preliminary abstracts. A number of speakers have also submitted full papers, which are available here as well.

Key note speakers

Lassila, Ora: Love Thy Data (or: Apps Considered Harmful)
Abstract pdf Lassila abstract (41.1 KB)

Keynote pdf Ora Lassila keynote (2.52 MB)

Le Boeuf, Patrick: An example of library and museum cooperation:
the FRBROO conceptual model

Abstract pdf Le Boeuf Abstract (40.8 KB)

Keynote: pdf Le Boeuf Keynote (238 KB)

Poole, Nick: Powering the Museum of tomorrow. Challenges and opportunities for museums information

Abstract pdf Poole abstract (33.3 KB)

Keynote pdf Poole Keynote (374 KB)


Alaluusua, Elisa: Sketchbooks in archives and in artists' studios
Abstract pdf CIDOC2012_Alaluusua_abstract (32.9 KB)

Antila, Kimmo: Collaborating, Interacting and Sharing: "Inventing Europe" and Culture Heritage Partners
Abstract pdf CIDOC2012_Antila_abstract (36.7 KB)

Anttila, Elina, Eero Heikkinen and Tapani Sainio: The National Digital Library of Finland - experiences from collaboration and service development
Abstract pdf CIDOC2012_Anttila_abstract (42.4 KB)
Paper pdf Anttila (153 KB)

Arias, Teresa: Cultural diversity and cultural heritage documentation. Registration experience in the collection of offerings in the valley of Urubamba (Cusco-Peru)
Abstract pdf CIDOC2012_Arias_abstract (32.8 KB)

Artemenko, Roman: Comparative analysis of enthusiastic-volunteer's and official archives web-based activity in Russia
Abstract pdf CIDOC2012_Artemenko_abstract (37.1 KB)

Bala, Shashi: Digital inventories on cultural memories and Intangible Cultural Heritage: Case Study of Yadav community of Haryana
Abstract pdf CIDOC2012_Bala_abstract (32.4 KB)
Paper pdf Bala (285 KB)

Barasa, Maurice: The documentation of traditional media in Africa: a survey of the emergent post-colonial folk media storage systems in Africa, 1963-2012
Abstract pdf CIDOC2012_Barasa_abstract (42.4 KB)

Bekiari, Chryssoula, Gerald de Jong, Mika Nyman, Christian-Emil Ore and Thomas Wikman: CultureCloud
Abstract pdf CIDOC2012_Bekiari_abstract (43.7 KB)

Bevilacqua, Gabriel: Collecting personal papers in art museums: new documentation practices at Pinacoteca do Estado de São Paulo
Abstract pdf CIDOC2012_Bevilacqua_abstract (37.6 KB)

Bizic-Omcikus, Vesna, Snezana Popovic, Miroslav Mitrovic and Zoran Cvetkovic: Visualizing the tangible and intangible cultural heritage
Abstract pdf CIDOC2012_Bizic-Omcikus_abstract (34.7 KB)

Cabral, Fernando, Marta Lourenço and Marcus Granato: One language, two countries - the project of developing a thesaurus of scientific instruments
Abstract pdf CIDOC2012_Cabral_abstract (38.6 KB)

Cardonna, Marie-France: Le Centre de documentation des musées de France et les bases de données du Ministère de la culture et de la communication : bilan et perspectives
Abstract pdf CIDOC2012_Cardonna_abstractFR (42.2 KB)

Coombes,Judith: Transforming core documentation practices: developing a focus on engaging
content and diverse audiences
Abstract pdf CIDOC2012_Coombes_abstract (36.0 KB)

Daavo, Zéphirin Cossi: Apports de l'archéologie à l'enrichissement du patrimoine culturel : cas de
l'Afrique de l'ouest
Abstract EN pdf CIDOC2012_Daavo_abstract (45.8 KB)
Abstract FR pdf CIDOC2012_Daavo_FR_abstract (33.1 KB)

de Jong, Gerald, Cris Kremers, Torsten Nilsson, Christian-Emil Ore, Thomas Wikman, Chryssoula
Bekiari and Martin Doerr: SOFIE - Open for all
Abstract pdf CIDOC2012_de_Jong_abstract (44.1 KB)

de Jong, Gerald and Thomas Wikman: The SIP-Creator: Meeting the challenge of metadata
Abstract pdf CIDOC2012_de_Jong&Wikman_abstract (37.2 KB)

Dierickx, Barbara, Christine Sauter and Kristine Briede: Reconciling the diversity of art institution
profiles in a collaborative project (paper given by Lies Van De Cappelle)
Abstract pdf CIDOC2012_Dierickx_abstract (49.3 KB)

Enqvist, Johanna: Ontologies of Archaeological Heritage
Abstract pdf CIDOC2012_Enqvist_abstract (32.5 KB)

Freiberg, Michael and Dietmar Pravida: About the 'Faust' image database at the Goethe-Haus
Abstract pdf CIDOC2012_Freiberg_abstract (35.3 KB)

Furu, Leena: Museum 2015 and the improvement of cataloguing
Abstract pdf CIDOC2012_Furu_abstract (34.2 KB)

Hagedorn-Saupe, Monika: Easy access to Cultural Heritage - Europeana and the German Digital
Abstract pdf CIDOC2012_Hagedorn-Saupe_abstract (32.7 KB)

Haimila, Miikka: Dissemination experiments with archaeological data
Abstract pdf CIDOC2012_Haimila_abstract (30.6 KB)
Henttonen, Pekka: Conceptual model for records and archives management
Abstract pdf CIDOC2012_Henttonen_abstract (35.6 KB)

Hirvonen-Nurmi, Katri and Jonina Jansson: From object-based to contemporary documentation -
how to incorporate field work material in ethnographic museum's collections
Abstract pdf CIDOC2012_Hirvonen-Nurmi_abstract (37.2 KB)

Hohmann, Georg: Publishing Museum Objects on the Semantic Web
Abstract pdf CIDOC2012_Hohmann_abstract (40.0 KB)
Hyvönen, Eero, Thea Lindquist, Juha Törnroos and Eetu Mäkelä: History on the Semantic Web -
An Event Gazetteer and Timeline for World War I
Abstract pdf CIDOC2012_Hyvonen_abstract (37.9 KB)
Paper pdf Hyvonen (309 KB)

Hyvönen, Eero, Aleksi Lindblad and Eetu Mäkelä: TravelSampo System for Creating Mobile Audio
Guide Tours Enriched with Linked Data
Abstract pdf CIDOC2012_Hyvonen&Lindblad&Makela_abstract (47.8 KB)

Jacobs Geertje and B. Nederveen: Towards an Open Rijksmuseum
Abstract pdf CIDOC2012_Jacobs_abstract (36.0 KB)

Kabov, Valerie and Marcus Gora: Teaching the Man to Fish in a Landlocked Country: Role of
Intercultural Dialogue in Museum Education
Abstract pdf CIDOC2012_Kabov_abstract (34.5 KB)
Kanellos, Ioannis and Simona Antin: Expositions virtuelles adaptatives. Organisation des
connaissances, multi-narrativité et design centré sur le visiteur
Abstract pdf CIDOC2012_Kanellos_abstractFR (37.1 KB)

Kettula, Suvi and Eero Hyvönen: Cataloguing Processes of Intangible Cultural Heritage
Abstract pdf CIDOC2012_Kettula_abstract (34.6 KB)
Paper pdf Kettula (295 KB)
Koch Walter and Gerda Koch: Cultural Heritage: On the Way to Europeana
Abstract pdf CIDOC2012_Koch_abstract (37.4 KB)
Koski, Marianne: Powerpoint and brain activity - managing collections in local museums in
Abstract pdf CIDOC2012_Koski_abstract (41.3 KB)
Paper pdf Koski (47.4 KB)
Krayneva, Irina: Historical factography technology: from archive to social network
Abstract pdf CIDOC2012_Krayneva_abstract (37.6 KB)
Källman, Rolf: Digisam - towards a coordinated digital cultural heritage in Sweden
Abstract pdf Källman abstract (42.5 KB)

Laine-Zamojska, Magdalena and Cesary Zamojski: ViMuseo project. Presentation of the preliminary research results and graphical user interface
Abstract pdf CIDOC2012_Abstract_ZamojskaZamojski (38.0 KB)

Lemmens, Bert and Henk Vanstappen: Cultural Heritage Standards Toolbox: building a local
community of cultural heritage professionals on digital cultural heritage
Abstract pdf CIDOC2012_Lemmens_abstract (36.8 KB)

Low, Jyue Tyan: A practical documentation practice for the management and preservation of
digital video/ media and installation art
Abstract pdf CIDOC2012_Low_abstract (34.5 KB)
Paperpdf Low (1.54 MB)
Presentationpdf Low ppsx (2.80 MB)
M'Mbogori, Nkirote Freda: Documentation of African artifacts outside Africa
Abstract pdf CIDOC2012_M'Mbogori_abstract (30.3 KB)

Maj, Lec, Joshan Mahmud and Emmanuelle Delmas-Glass: Cross organization data
harmonization and access, linked data decentralized approach
Abstract pdf CIDOC2012_Maj_abstract (32.6 KB)
Mazurek, Cezary, Krzysztof Sielski, Justyna Walkowska and Marcin Werla: From MARC21
and Dublin Core, through CIDOC CRM: First Tenuous Steps towards Representing Library
Data in FRBRoo
Abstract pdf CIDOC2012_Mazurek_abstract (34.1 KB)
Paper pdf Mazurek (438 KB)

Merges, Judith, Martin Scholz and Günther Görz: Erlangen Implementation of FRBRoo
Abstract pdf CIDOC2012_Merges_abstract (36.7 KB)
Paper pdf Merges (324 KB)

Nagel, Lina: Tesauro de Arte Arquitectura and Tesauro Regional Patrimonial: Multilingualism
Abstract pdf CIDOC2012_Nagel_abstract (47.8 KB)

Nijkamp, Lieneke: The Low Countries reunited: some remarks on a future shared database
on Flemish art between the Rubenianum (BE) and the Rijksbureau voor Kunsthistorische
Documentatie (NL)
Abstract pdf CIDOC2012_Nijkamp_abstract (36.3 KB)

Oikarinen, Teija: Expanding the Evolving E-infrastructures Model of E-Science into
Archaeological Context and Digital Curation
Abstract pdf CIDOC2012_Oikarinen_abstract (34.4 KB)

Okpalanozie, Ogechukwu: Enriching a nation's cultural heritage using social media: a new dawn in National Museum, Lagos
Abstract pdf CIDOC2012_Okpalanozie_abstract (33.9 KB)

Onuoha, Louisa: Digital technologies and intangible cultural heritage in Nigeria: problems and prospects
Abstract pdf CIDOC2012_Onouha_abstract (35.3 KB)
Paavola, Tiina and Riitta Kela: The major challenges for the collection management in
Tampere Museums - how to build up a system suitable for all kinds of (future) needs?
Abstract pdf CIDOC2012_Paavola_abstract (35.8 KB)

Parsell, David  and Emmanuelle Delmas-Glass: Using open source tools to expose cross
collection data in the LIDO schema
Abstract pdf CIDOC2012_Parsell_abstract (35.1 KB)
Paper part 1 pdf Delmas (78.5 KB)
Paper part 2 pdf Parsell (3.54 MB)

Phiri, Fidelity and Terry S. Nyambe: Digitalization of archives, the Livingstone Museum
Abstract pdf CIDOC2012_Phiri_abstract (40.3 KB)
Paper pdf Phiri (49.1 KB)
Popovic, Snezana, Zoran Cvetkovic, Vesna Bizic-Omcikus and Miroslav Mitrovic:
A semantic extension of the system's model for searching and presentation cultural heritage
Abstract pdf CIDOC2012_Popovic_abstract (34.5 KB)

Rayaprolu,Venkata Ramana: Challenges to documentation of museum objects in
a polylingual society
Abstract pdf CIDOC2012_Rayaprolu_abstract (37.3 KB)
Paper pdf Rayaprolu (575 KB)

Ribeiro, Emanuela: Documentation in Science & Technology: accessibility to diverse
Abstract pdf CIDOC2012_Ribeiro_abstract (36.8 KB)
Paper pdf Ribeiro (60.7 KB)

Rodger, Norman: MIMO - "Striking a Chord for Musical Instrument Museums"
Abstract pdf CIDOC2012_Rodger_abstract (42.1 KB)
Paper pdf Rodger (52.5 KB)

Sanderhoff, Merete: Building a shared mobile museum experience on existing platforms
Abstract pdf CIDOC2012_Sanderhoff_abstract (38.4 KB)
Savia, Satu: Developing Collection Management - Museum 2015
Abstract pdf CIDOC2012_Savia_abstract (41.3 KB)
Paper pdf Savia (110 KB)

Segan, Marija and Milos Milovanovic: The monuments and sites of Toplica district of Serbia in digital catalogue of cultural monuments
Abstract pdf CIDOC2012_Segan_abstract (33.3 KB)
Paper pdf Segan (367 KB)

Setlhabi, Keletso Gaone: Bojale Drum: Documentation of a Three-Tier Lifecycle Object
Abstract pdf CIDOC2012_Setlhabi_abstract (44.6 KB)

Simou, Nikolaos, Eleni Tsalapati, Nasos Drosopoulos and Regine Stein: Evolving LIDO
based aggregations into Linked Data
Abstract pdf CIDOC2012_Simou_abstract (41.1 KB)
Paper pdf Simou (565 KB)

Ssenyonga, Fredrick Nsibambi: Salvaging the Cultural Heritage of the Batwa and enhancing
its appreciation in Uganda and beyond
Abstract pdf CIDOC2012_Ssenyonga_abstract (39.5 KB)
Tyson, Nick, Erica Calogero, Phil Blume and Amy Miller: My House My Street: Engaging Local
Communities of Volunteers to Learn, Train and Gain from Lost Local Heritage
Abstract pdf CIDOC2012_Tyson_abstract (36.3 KB)
Paper pdf Tyson (41.7 KB)

Tzompanaki, Katerina  and Martin Doerr: A New Framework for Querying Semantic Networks
Abstract pdf CIDOC2012_Tzompanaki_abstract (37.6 KB)
Paper pdf Tsompanaki (511 KB)

Vakkari, Mikael and Magdalena Laine-Zamojska: Adapting the IT-architecture of the museum
sector to the Enterprise Architecture - the requirements and the expected results in different
sized institutions
Abstract pdf CIDOC2012_Vakkari_abstract (45.2 KB)

Valtolina, Stefano and Barbara Rita Barricelli: A Model for the Digital Integration and
Collaborative Exploration of Cultural Heritage Assets
Abstract pdf CIDOC2012_Valtolina_abstract (35.0 KB)
van der Linden, Yuri: The Relocation Database: a tool to facilitate the de-accessioning of
museum objects
Abstract pdf CIDOC2012_van_der_Linden_absract (34.2 KB)
van Kalck, Michèle: Quand archives et Beaux-Arts se recontrent. Regards croisés sur intérêts pluriels.
Abstract FR pdf CIDOC2012_vanKalck_abstract (34.2 KB)
Abstract En pdf CIDOC2012_vanKalck_Eabstract (33.2 KB)

Vanha-Similä, Maria: Memories from the Weaving Mill 1979-2009
Abstract pdf CIDOC2012_Vanha-Simila_abstract (38.4 KB)

Vega Martínez, Lucy: A proposed methodology for document management
Abstract pdf CIDOC2012_VegaMartinez_abstract (32.5 KB)

Vorobyeva, Ekaterina: The National Catalogue of the All-Russian Museum Fund. Past, Present
and Future.
Abstract pdf CIDOC2012_Vorobyeva_abstract (36.4 KB)

Whitson Cloud, Jonathan: The documentation of scientific analysis and conservation at
the British Museum: the path to sharing
Abstract pdf CIDOC2012_WhitsonCloud_abstract (33.4 KB)
Paper pdf Whitson (59.5 KB)
Zlodi, Goran, Jelena Rubić Lasić and Ivana Družetić: An Example of Interactive Online Heritage
Resource as a Service of Enriching Regional Cultural Heritage
Abstract pdf CIDOC2012_Zlodi_abstract (37.5 KB)